Parent Teacher Organization


Parent Involvement

As a support and extension of the family unit, Connection Pointe Christian Academy considers the family to be of first importance to a child. God, through His Word, the Bible, indicates that the family is the most important human institution He designed, since He compares it to the relationship believers have with Christ and the Father. Therefore, at Connection Pointe we are continually seeking ways to actively involve the parents, siblings, and grandparents of our students in the programs of the school.


Here are a few of the more common ways we do this:

Visit your child’s class. Simply call ahead out of courtesy to the teacher. Become a room-parent. Act as chaperone on field trips. Serve as a story-reader, song-leader, guest artist or offer your special talents. With permission and arrangements with the teacher, present your vocation to the class or invite them to your place of business. Share your experiences, trips, vacations, as they may relate to an area of study in a class. Volunteer your help to the PTO. Help host class parties in the classroom.

Closely monitor your child’s progress by helping with homework and reading all teacher notes and student papers sent home.

CPCA considers the parents an integral part of the educational process. We seek to partner with parents as they follow the Biblical mandate to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. As partners, we believe that frequent, honest, and respectful communication between parents and teachers is essential to the success of the students.

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