Meet Our Principal


Teresa Tomlin


Dear Student Families,

I have had the pleasure of serving as Principal here at Connection Pointe Christian Academy since 2003. I am humbled that I have been able to share in such a large part of our school’s history, as well as the continued efforts to build on the blessings God has bestowed upon CPCA.

Our church and school staff, church members, parents, and others in the community have been planting and watering seeds of faith for growth and change at CPCA for quite some time.  God, seeing our faith and works operating in unison, has shined his face on us and is manifesting those seeds into new fruit.

Connection Pointe is a warm and friendly environment where the Word of God is the foundation that all of our academic, administrative, disciplinary, and extra-curricular endeavors rest upon.  Our core commitment to every student and parent of CPCA is to train each child in the way of the Lord and prepare him or her for the challenges and opportunities that life presents (Proverbs 22:6).

It is a new day at Connection Pointe Christian Academy, and I am thrilled that God has led you and your family here to experience it with us. God has given us a new name, a new address, and a renewed faith for the vision of CPCA.

My door is always open to address any question or concern, so please do not hesitate to come see me if you feel the need to so do.

In His Service,

Teresa Tomlin

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